#JustStop #OnlyLove   Recently updated !

I started many times this week to write my own #MeToo confession, but after seeing all of the hate that Travis got from his, I just wasn’t up for that this week. You see, last week my brother killed himself, so I’m a little more emotional than usual. I’m not […]

#IAMSTILLHERE   Recently updated !

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CONTINUE TO ATTACK ME, I LOVE YOU. I should have told you all this in Germany but my family did not know and some of my fellow artists lovingly suggested to not open up my personal life publicly. It was not the time then but […]

#metoo   Recently updated !

As I finally begin to speak about and publicly post some of the experiences I have had throughout my life, I want to make something is very clear. I will never publicly call someone out by name. I have no interest in destroying another human being. My hope is those […]

The Weinstein Situation   Recently updated !

I wrote this article because I support the women, men & children with whom all have been affected and abused by sexual misconduct. I also speak out against those that make false claims and are the core reasons why so many stay silent and never feel that their voice will […]

Day 90 Training / Day 6 2-A-Days / #TLFM

I HAVE Saturday has arrived and have watched the sunset yet again. So blessed and humble to be working on this project #TheLastFullMeasureEvery morning I watch the sun, I thank the Lord. Sometimes we pray, we ask for things in our life. I no longer ask for anything. I just […]

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Day 89 Training / Day 4 2-A-Days

Day 89 of Training with Luke Milton at #trainingmate / Day 4 of 2-A-Days! Have not been this exhausted since the USMC and I'm working 1/10 less than I did in the Corps? How the hell did I do that? Oh yeah! I was 18! LolSpeaking of being 18. That […]

UPDATE! On Calling Veteran Lee Hernandez 

Calling all my Champs and veterans to take a moment and drop a note to veteran Lee Herman and his wife, Ernestine. He had wanted phone calls and posted his number, but his phone blew up. Lee & Ernestine Hernandez 746 Cornflower Court New Braunfels, TX 78130 Texas Veteran’s Dying […]

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The Last Full Measure Countdown T-Minus 7 Days 

Day 87 of training.  Started two-a-days yesterday and it’s been 20 years since I’ve done anything this intense.  I’m emotionally, mentally & physically in the best shape that I’ve been since I shot The Fix back in 2005.   The Last Full Measure is the biggest project that I have […]