Let me start by saying, I think conventions are a wonderful place. And I’m very fortunate & blessed to have been a part of them for the past few years.  I’m also very happy to have met each and every champion along the way.
My problem is not conventions as a whole. The last convention Wales, WalesCon ran by Jaime Milner was PERFECT!

My problem is how much “specific” conventions continue to raise their prices because specific stars of the shows are asking for a guaranteed price that have crippled & bankrupt good conventions.
Then “specific” conventions take over that territory and once again, RAISE their cost to the fans.
Raising prices so that families can barely afford them.   This has been eating at me for years and I was not liked very much because of it.
My plan is to make conventions nearly free so that ALL fans can go.

I want every fan to be able to attend conventions with their friends and family’s to meet their favorite stars of their favorite shows.
I want to afford fans the opportunity to receive EVERYONES autograph and photograph.

Here is what I have been working on since I started doing conventions back in early 2016.

  1.  I want major corporations to pay the huge salaries to actors instead of taking your hard earned money.  It’s become so embarrassing to see how much stars are making off of fans and they continue to raise their prices. If I can get sponsors involved to pay these salaries, then the conventions can charge a low entry fee into the event. This would give the fan the ability to meet and receive the autographs and photographs from the actors they love. It also creates a favored nations amongst the actors so that we are all equal. Actresses SHOULD not be paid less than Actors. It’s uncomfortable for all of us to have different price tags next to our names. It’s simply wrong to determine someone’s price openly for the public to see and judge. It’s a process but very simple. You get multiple sponsors to pay for advertising. They are becoming so big now that they will get taken over by studios and networks. The films and TV shows pay the fees of the artist or it’s in the actors contracts they must do a certain number of conventions. Everyone’s auto and photo is included at the convention. That way fans can meet everyone if they choose. No prices are designated differently for the men and women. It’s all equal. So many companies could sell their products at the show and promote it. The fan buys what they want but they don’t buy us. That’s the catch. And it’s ran professionally, kids and teenagers can no longer drink alcohol and get wasted.
  2. I will repeat this very clearly. I want women to be treated equally. I was raised by a single mother and I also watched my sister bust her butt after her divorce.  Women deserve equal pay for equal work.  When I first started doing conventions, the female guest stars were paid 1k less than I was paid and worked 1-2 days longer. They were flown in economy and I was given a budget to fly premium economy or higher. It was embarrassing and disgusting to get on a plane and see my female guest-stars walk pass me to the back of the plane? This is 2018 and it simply needs to STOP. I made a point to bring this up to a specific convention but they did not take kindly to my suggestion.
  3. The highly overt sexual behavior towards women whether CONsensual or not needs to stop. This is no longer okay. It never should have been. There should be absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior. This goes for men as well. I was asked for so many inappropriate sexual photographs and it’s very simple to say NO. Nobody knows if an actor or actress has a significant other or someone that would not be okay with this kind of behavior.  It’s disrespectful.  Plus, we also do not know if the fan has a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife back home? These photos that we take do not remain inside the convention. They go online and they go out into the internet universe for everyone to see. Do you want you sons or daughters to see these photos and think this is okay behavior? Lastly, children are allowed at these cons and they see their idols touching and groping women and they think it’s okay. It’s NOT.
  4. Children should not be allowed to these conventions that are adult themed, PERIOD. Just because there is a warning label doesn’t make it okay to bring them. There is a warning label on cigarettes. Are you going to watch a kid smoke one just because their parent is there? These kids have their youth only for so long, so let them have their innocence. When actors go on a panel and or in photo ops, they start to say or do sexual things or make sexual gestures, this is not something a child needs to see or be influenced by in any way shape or form.  I recently did a convention and a young child, a girl seven years of age, came up to me and made a highly sexual sign with her hands and mouth.  Her mom just laughed and told me her favorite actor taught her that? I asked her if she new what it meant?  She didn’t.  I told her.  It was not a good experience for her to hear what her child was going around doing to all the actors she was meeting.  I was embarrassed and horrified. ENOUGH
  5. It would be nice to see want volunteers get paid and treated fairly. I know what the word volunteer means but you could at least buy them lunch, give them a break and feed them. It’s beyond wrong the way these people are treated and I spent my per diem several times to see that these people got fed. Why is a guest star of a TV show needing to point the obvious out?
  6. It’s  time to stop price gauging for every little thing, Selfies, Live streaming now instead of using your own phones, just about anything they can charge for they do and it’s gotten out of control. When did actors and artists start making their living off of their fans? We are paid to act. We use to give our autograph and photo for free? I know it’s now a business but it’s gotten to a point where people are paying for conventions rather than their mortgage? Convention promoters are paying these actors over six figures and are going bankrupt! This has not and will not make me popular for saying this but ENOUGH!
  7. Lastly, toxic fans who harass and bully and tell people to commit suicide or die should no longer be allowed anywhere near other fans and especially the actors. They are vile and dangerous and could seriously hurt someone. These conventions are a privilege for ALL of us and these people have destroyed what once use to be a very beautiful and loving experience.
  8. And I cannot leave this part out: I would be awesome to see more artist donate a portion of what they make to a different charity that they are passionate about or that their fans are passionate about. So many already do this but it would be so cool if it became a trend.  I recently donated a large portion of what I made in Wales to a charity that supports veterans and service animals. It was incredible to see each fan come up and learn about the charity and how much it meant to them. It matters and it makes a difference

In closing, I am going to receive a TON of hate and death threats for the things I have said in this post. I can take it. I’ve taken it for two years. I’ve dealt with the ridiculous accusations and the lies. I heard it all. Ive heard everything you have to say about me. I’ve seen the fake DM’s, the photoshopped screenshots, the altered private conversations to make me look like a villain and or some crazy stalker of fans.  I delete, block and mute any negativity.  Period.
Your degrading attacks on my acting career and the films I’m currently working on being trash, I’ve heard.  Yes, I know you all want to tell me I’m a Z-list actor and how sad I must be that I was only on SPN for a few episodes.  We are moving past that now.
I’ve watched you threaten the lives of my dogs, my family, my friends and a wonderful woman like Vicki.
You’ve hacked my account.
Put my cell phone number and home address on the internet.
I’ve had to vacate my house of 5 years because some of you decided to stick a knife in my door and say “This is for you and your dogs in the name of MC”. Don’t think MC would agree but okay.
I’ve watched you attack a 76 year old woman whom I helped in a tragic situation. Getting her number, calling her, harassing her about the accident. She’s a tough cookie and she thinks you all are in need of help. I agree.
I’ve heard the insults about my military career. Insulting me for being a reservist and claiming that I never served in the Marine Corps.  I served. I am a veteran of the armed forces.     I’ve listen to so many of you, who claim to be all about love, tell me to go put a gun to my head and go kill myself.
Guess what? None of it matters. It didn’t work. You only have highlighted who you are and what you represent. There is a very big bright light shining down on each of you right now. Let the world see you hate on me. I promise, the Marines were tougher.  Your words have no affect on me, actually they have only made me stronger and more determined.
And yes this is a criminal case that some of you will see inside a jail cell at some point. Be sure of it.

Bottom line. Since my very first convention, I have fought for you. We started Trut4h to help each of you eventually get to conventions for free. We helped so many who had disabilities or simply couldn’t afford it get to their first convention.  We made it our mission to help each of you.  I’m still here fighting for each of you so that these prices stop becoming only affordable to the wealthy.
I’ve spent my entire life in service of others. I will let that speak for itself.
It’s simple. I’m not going anywhere and nothing you say or do has any affect on my life. I am always going to do what is right and I will see to it with my success and these films and business ventures that I am working on, that at one point or another, we do right by the fans. You give us our careers. Lord knows how much movie tickets and the cost of everything is these days. If I can be a part of a movement that starts to makes Conventions much cheaper if not nearly free to attend, then I have made a difference. Thousands of you have written to me and told me that you could never afford to attend a convention. Well your words and kindness has inspired me. And I will see to it that each of you are able to do so in a safe and family enriched environment.

Without Wax


PS. Just block and mute me if you do not wish to be positive towards me. Just go on with your life and may god bless you. Truly