Day 89 Training / Day 4 2-A-Days

Day 89 of Training with Luke Milton at #trainingmate / Day 4 of 2-A-Days! Have not been this exhausted since the USMC and I'm working 1/10 less than I did in the Corps? How the hell did I do that? Oh yeah! I was 18! Lol
Speaking of being 18. That was the age of most of these men when they lost their lives to the Vietnam War.
A lot of actors believe that being in a war film or portraying a veteran means it's all about being in the gym. How much you can lift or how big you can get your chest? For some soldiers that is a portion of it but for these soldiers in the Vietnam Era it was less about the gym and more about survival. Part of my training & research has been reading their stories. Taking the time to call them or meet up with them to discuss and breakdown a very painful time in their life. But like most Veterans they were able to find the humor, the laughter and the sense that each one already accepted they were dead.
These men, whether they joined freely or were drafted, still made the decision to serve their country. They stood the watch. They answered the call and they gave their life so that we can live ours.
It is our duty to get this story correct.
I'm not trying to gain muscle or whiten my teeth so I look like a movie star in this film. I've leaned down. I've lost 15 lbs. i'm lighter now than I was at 18. I'm not looking for a cool haircut or dying my hair so that I look the part. As an artist you must live within the body and mind of what these men were and how they fought a War on foreign soil that very few respected them for. One must live inside that world
Go inside the mind and feel all that raw emotion that these soldiers felt. I've spent time with these heroes. I've seen the deep pain within their eyes. I feel their loss. And I will honor their service and their memory with all that I have to give.
It's time to leave it all on the field and be a part of one of the most heroic stories ever told on film.
Semper Fi
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