As I finally begin to speak about and publicly post some of the experiences I have had throughout my life, I want to make something is very clear. I will never publicly call someone out by name. I have no interest in destroying another human being. My hope is those individuals read this, know it’s them I’m speaking about and others who go and receive the help they desperately need.

We now live in a world of internet and social media “justice”, where we have the power to be judge, jury and executioner. I’ve seen all the hypocrisy that live online. Peoples’ tag-lines saying “#NoHate #Love #BeKind” but those are the same people that are first to attack and destroy.

Long before I had a handful of women, I never actually met, claim that I sexually harassed them at conventions, I received letters in the mail from scared individuals who were asked to post that I raped & molested them at a convention. These letters outlined a very specific plan to have me removed from conventions and the show I was on during that time.

(I only highlight and bring this up because we must ask ourselves, why do people not speak up? Why do people when they finally have the courage to speak up, DO NOT believe the victims?)

Here is one example of when an individual starts a lie and a group continues that lie loudly to gain attention, money & minor fame. No different than the Salem Witch Trials.

Your first question is who would want fame from this? It’s simple: you go from having very little friends 40-50 followers to over 1000k in less than a month. You now have a huge support group. Then you launch a crowd-fund account to get a lawyer but never obtain one. Instead you use that money to travel to a concert in Europe. All this is rather elementary. Simply put, show that you obtained a lawyer? It’s that simple to prove they used the money that they took from fans. If they cannot provide the documentation or lawyers information, then what does it say about someone who used the word “victim” to take money from fans and spend on entertainment?

Think about that for just one minute.

These individuals (whom I personally believe are not well) would ask young girls to wait until I was alone to make these accusations. The problem was I was never alone. I had my mom, sister, girlfriend, dad, best friend and manager with me at every convention. We also had security with us everywhere we went.

These young girls got scared and wrote me letters months before any accusation occurred. We took these letters to the cast, conventions and show executives to ask for advice. All we received was the common response, “ignore and don’t engage”

Eventually we were told by the convention and the “key security” to send legal Cease & Desist Letters to these individuals who were publicly making criminal & illegal remarks towards someone they never met. None of these individuals respected the law and claimed they were trying to be silenced? Now unless I can see into the future, it was obvious these people had their minds made up about me a long time ago and nothing was going to stop them. Even the fact that still to this day they still have their articles and blogs up online which only strengthens my case against them when this goes to trial. And it will. I’m looking forward to the day that I get to stand in front of a real judge and explain how I’d be the first actor to stalk and harass his fans?

Regardless, these few individuals did not know that everyone knew, cast included, these allegations were going to take place. It’s the whole reason I was not removed immediately from the conventions and a very loving cast.

Then in November the accusations started to come in one by one.

One person claimed it happen while I was on a stage in front of hundreds being videotaped the whole time. Nothing in the video nor was there one photo of me doing anything inappropriate. Yet, this one, very unstable person, convinced thousands of fans that I somehow exposed myself to her without anyone seeing?

All this happened while she was underage drinking, barely able to stand at a concert that the convention allowed her to do so openly. (The never did anything to defend me in fear they would be exposed for allowing minors to drink alcohol openly at their events. Their rules have now changed). Not only was this individual a child but has a history of being in & out of mental institutions. (So when I refer to this person not being “Mentally Well” it’s is factual that she has be admitted to a mental institution on different occasions. Saying someone went to jail isn’t attacking them as a convict. It’s a fact they were a convict. It’s a fact that she has been to a mental institution. Mental illness is a serious disease and a disease that I truly believe exists.

Her behavior and overall presence was beyond grotesque. She drunkenly screamed for multiple selfies with her camera throughout the concert but somehow people have not pieced together the fact she handed me her own phone, multiple times to take photos and is laughing and smiling in every photo. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then what does a dozen or so photos say?

Then another individual who continues to show signs of mental illness, made a YouTube video of screenshots taken of a conversation on Snapchat with a minor. Not only did I not have a Snapchat account at that time but we contacted Snapchat to which they confirmed those screenshots where fake, yet when you google my name, this video is the first to appear about sexual misconduct.

I do not ask for anyone to believe me, just contact Snapchat to confirm it yourself.

Bottom line: If you take any of these screenshots and personally get them verified you would learn they are photoshopped. So these people have created false information to claim that they were “sexually assaulted or harassed” and that’s where our biggest problem lies with people not believing victims. Liars.

There were few other women who claimed I somehow broke away from my family, friends and security to corner them in a convention hall and try to assault them and make out with them? Or took them to my room to drink alcohol.

This was rather insulting to both me and my gorgeous girlfriend. Both Aunt Jane Mayberry and Betty Rice Black to verify the lies as these women got caught lying directly to them.

Please reach out and ask them how the individuals got caught lying about being sexually abused & harassed.

I wasn’t at that convention or in the same state? I was at dinner with my family in NY celebrating my 40th Birthday.

Others claimed I sexually harassed them online. Little did they know at the time that I’ve had a veteran wife of 30 years and mother of 3 young girls managing my social media for 2 1/2 years. Ask her how many men & women (married women) send photos of them naked or their genitals to my email and social media on a daily basis? Do I truly need to sexually assault anyone when I’m sexually assaulted by pictures and people everyday.

Does anyone truly realize the amount of sexual offers that actress’s and actors receive throughout their careers. (Please reach out to Vicki Bartle to verify. It’s why she’s been there, watching over my accounts every step of the way to document EVERYTHING. How many sexual predators have a mother of three girls monitoring their internet?

Think about that for a minute.

None of that mattered. When you publicly post sexual misconduct then a boat load of followers and support come your way.

You post you had a nice day and maybe 2 people press the “like” button. That’s the world we live in and that’s why so many stay silent because they DON’T WANT THE ATTENTION.

A twisted portion of people have found a way to use this topic so they can gain support, followers and eventually money.

Those people are the worst kind of human being because they silence those that have been destroyed by sexual abuse.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again people who make up these stories for money, minor fame and or attention should be held as accountable as the sexual predators. It’s these vile people that truly silence the real victims. The internet / social media has allowed for these people to gain attention, followers and launch crowd funding scams to “obtain legal” representation” that they never obtain. Instead they use the money to go to conventions and or spend it to travel. These people need to be prosecuted because they perpetuate rape culture in the worst way. Salem Witch Hunting is more alive then ever before with social media.

I recently spoke with another fellow artist and friend of mine who has dealt with something similar. Together we are going to make sure to bring charges against these people. It’s important not just because we have been hurt by it but because we too have had to deal with sexual abuse and misconduct towards us throughout our careers. Hence, why #metoo

I cannot begin to tell you how many woman and men asked for me to do something to them inappropriate at a convention or in a photo op. How many of them grabbed my butt or even my crotch. Somehow over the past few years it was okay to get paraded around at conventions and groped and no one ever said a word even when I did.

As stated before, the whole reason I address this is because we don’t speak up because we are afraid that no one will believe us.

What you just read is why people do not believe victims. The loud ones lie and it crippled the ones that are silent and hurting.

Also, because of these individuals, when you google my name and reputation you see “sexual misconduct o sexual assault.” I don’t continue to bring this up it’s brought up daily in my life. Once the authorities and a judge hears this case and those defamation of character blogs are removed then this will never end. Does anyone else find it odd that 18 years in the entertainment industry and for 40 years of my life I’ve never been accused of any sexual misconduct? Does anyone find it odd these allegations only occurred from Nov 2015 to Nov 2016 but not a single allegation since? Does anyone find it odd that all of this was told to us in July of 2015 that these allegations were going to happen but somehow I decided to sexually harass #SPN fans? I waited 40 years to finally harass these particular women? I am telling you that these women are why people choose not to believe the victims. They have have allowed this to go on long enough and they continue to hurt those that need a voice.

I will not stop until the truth comes into the light and they come forward and admit their lies.

If you ever met me personally, you’d know I always greeted you with nothing but love and kindness. I always asked for a hug before I gave one and I was never inappropriate with anyone who ever came into my life.

For everyone who knows me and has met me, you know the kind of person that I am.

What most of you did not know was the sexual rape I endured as a child at the hands of someone I loved dearly for nearly 4 years of my childhood. #metoo

Nor did you know that I was raped again as an 11 year old child by a woman who was 19 years old. #metoo

Then again as an adult twice, one by the female owner of my agency who I woke up to having sex with me in her guest bedroom, telling me to be quiet and just enjoy it.

When I said something to her finally, I was dropped by the agency. #metoo

Then by a 60 year old male, who I looked at as a mentor. Because he told me I reminded him of his dead son, I allowed him to get close to me. #metoo

I am NOT A VICTIM. I’m a fucking SURVIVOR. (I have young nieces, nephews and students across the world. My apologies for using foul language and I know this has been tough to read but for as much as you look up to me as a strong male role model. #IAMYOU. My childhood was ripped from my soul at 4 years of age. For all of you who know me, questioned if I was gay or straight or never understood why I am yet to marry or have children of my own, hopefully this sheds some light on who I am. #IAMYOU

Despite 12-22 veterans a day taking their own life. Despite the amount of children and adults who take their life everyday who have suffered at the hands of a child molester. Despite the non-stop constant online bullying that I’ve endured being part of a fandom that so easily hashtags #SPNFamily ??? I AM STILL HERE. And you will physically have to take my life with your own two hands before I ever give up.


It has taken everything I have in my soul to finally speak up and say something publicly. I do so only because these people do not need to be destroyed. They need help. We need to use our voices to heal not hurt.

Today be cautious of the hate and negativity you put into this world towards our fellow human beings. We are on the verge of another War and all of this hatred needs to stop. It’s starts with each of us and hopefully that carries to our leaders. How do we attack at President for his behavior when we attack back with the same anger and hatred. It does not work. We must live by example.

My hope is that opening my life, my hurt and heart to all of you that it helps in some way heal all the anger & pain that this subject matter evokes.

I send this with love and kindness to all who understand this pain and are currently looking for help.



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