New Beginnings for truth1111

A little more than two years ago I met a woman by the name of Alicia Lind.

I had a small part on a popular TV show, and Alicia had been a fan of the show for several years. She was more than just that, she was a wonderful wife, a mother of two beautiful children and an elementary school teacher, who spent thousands of her dollars attending conventions, not just for herself, but helping others attend as well.  This pure act of kindness that I personally witnessed when we first met inspired, not only my life, but would spark an idea that would ultimately help countless amounts of fans and would actually help me make sense to the gaining attention I receive as an actor.

As I started attending conventions over the next few months, something that struck me very hard, was the rising cost of a specific convention in the United States, that I was asked to be a part of for an entire year of my life.

When I set out to be an artist, I never thought I would get paid to travel the world selling my autograph and photograph to fans.  It touched my heart, how so many people would save up their hard earned dollars to meet the cast of their favorite movies and tv shows.  I personally felt I had a responsibility to give it back and with the support of fans like Alicia Lind, I knew we could do something to help ease that cost. Trut4h was officially launched in September 2015 at a convention in NJ.  With our slogan, “For the Fans, Run by Fans” we felt a huge wave of support not only by the incredible loving fan base but several main actors and celebrities who generously donated their personal items to the auctions. Over the next several months, trut4h was able to help so many different fans from all over the world. Just to name a few, trut4h supported fans like Jules’ heart and her family, Kinsey and her beautiful, strong mom, Elliot, Aunt Jane, Lisa Pici, Tanassa Kendrick, Ed Stevens, Jules Benot, Misty Ballard, and Wayne Unsworth. There were so many fans like Joey Hultman and Raina Dobson who have been beyond supportive and helped trut4h every step of the way.

Along with Alicia Lind,  Bill Bakho has been truly instrumental in helping find the real stories we needed to filter so that these fan’s hard earned money and time went to those who truly were in need, and represented the core values of what a fandom should be.

With my recent statements concerning the rising costs of conventions and the belief that we can use a lot of those funds for charities that make a difference, we realized it was time for a change with trut4h.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I was inspired by a post from Adam Driver & Budweiser, supporting veterans and their families. The idea came to me that over the past year, along with the current military projects I’m involved with as both a producer and artist that our charity should align with those things that I’m most passionate about at this point in my life.  trut4h has and will always will hold a very special place in my heart,  but it’s now time to move on and usher in a new beginning.

I’m proud to introduce

Talent Reissues Used Threads for Heroes.

This new t1r1u1t1h will raise money to help veterans and their service animals.  Many of you already know my love for animals and the passion I have for pets and Vets. Our heroes need our furry friends because there is no better medication than unconditional love. I truly believe that.

Our format will remain the same. I will continue to auction off special articles of clothing from movies and television shows that I’ve been a part of in my career.  As well as personal items that have sentimental value to me, but you see, my needs don’t outweigh the good this money can do to help our Veteran community and especially their service animals.

I will also continue to reach out to my fellow artists, celebrities, and talent who feel the same passion about giving back just as we do.


t1r1u1t1h will align with several animal and veteran charities that I’ve supported throughout my life.

We will not only raise money but will also raise awareness about our Veteran community and their service animals.

I am so grateful for everything that has happened over the past two years because it has lead us to exactly where we are today!

It is one thing to work as an actor in the entertainment industry, but it’s another thing to have a cause, and to have a mission with your success!

I cannot thank everyone enough who has not only supported trut4h, and all that we accomplished over those last few years, but I want to thank each of you, and the people I may have left out, from the bottom of my heart and my soul, for the love and support that you have not only shown towards me but my family and my friends over the past few years. You honestly mean so much to me. And with that I say,

God Bless, Semper Fi and always search for your own truth 🇺🇸