No Better Place To Die – What An Honor

There is not a day that goes by that I do not wake up and pinch myself that I am involved in helping this true American Hero get behind the lens for the first time as a director.

I’ve been a working actor for the past 18 years in Hollywood and my one goal was to do a film with Capt. Dale Dye. I never imagined I would be welcomed into his life and home. He and his wife Julia are truly two of the kindest individuals in the movie business. You always know where you stand, and you are always treated with the utmost respect. I could write an entire chapter about my past year helping Capt. Dye get his film NO BETTER PLACE TO DIE produced, but I think I will wait and write a book once we finish shooting. Get ready to see the greatest war story ever told on film.

Come June 6th 2019, the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, the world will see not only what an incredible director this man is but more importantly all will realize the true American Heroe Captain Dale Dye is to our nation. I am honored to be standing tall and proud by your side Skipper. Semper Fi