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Day 90 Training / Day 6 2-A-Days / #TLFM

I HAVE Saturday has arrived and have watched the sunset yet again. So blessed and humble to be working on this project #TheLastFullMeasureEvery morning I watch the sun, I thank the Lord. Sometimes we pray, we ask for things in our life. I no longer ask for anything. I just […]

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Day 89 Training / Day 4 2-A-Days

Day 89 of Training with Luke Milton at #trainingmate / Day 4 of 2-A-Days! Have not been this exhausted since the USMC and I'm working 1/10 less than I did in the Corps? How the hell did I do that? Oh yeah! I was 18! LolSpeaking of being 18. That […]

UPDATE! On Calling Veteran Lee Hernandez 

Calling all my Champs and veterans to take a moment and drop a note to veteran Lee Herman and his wife, Ernestine. He had wanted phone calls and posted his number, but his phone blew up. Lee & Ernestine Hernandez 746 Cornflower Court New Braunfels, TX 78130 Texas Veteran’s Dying […]

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The Last Full Measure Countdown T-Minus 7 Days 

Day 87 of training.  Started two-a-days yesterday and it’s been 20 years since I’ve done anything this intense.  I’m emotionally, mentally & physically in the best shape that I’ve been since I shot The Fix back in 2005.   The Last Full Measure is the biggest project that I have […]

My First BLOG

Hello World, Writing my 1st Blog / Newsletter as I have been informed by my ever so on top of it assistant guru of social media VMB that this is the way to now make announcements and or communicating any and all exciting news in my world of acting, the […]

New Beginnings for truth1111

A little more than two years ago I met a woman by the name of Alicia Lind. I had a small part on a popular TV show, and Alicia had been a fan of the show for several years. She was more than just that, she was a wonderful wife, […]

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No Better Place To Die – What An Honor

There is not a day that goes by that I do not wake up and pinch myself that I am involved in helping this true American Hero get behind the lens for the first time as a director. I’ve been a working actor for the past 18 years in Hollywood […]