Recently, a friend of mine from high school, Stacey Blancett, asked me about all the hate and negativity I’ve been receiving on social media.  She wanted to understand why I felt the need to be the one to endure their pain and let these people trash my name.  She wanted to know why I have never attacked back and how I could be so nice to people who can be so cruel.  She asked if  that young gal, who recently told me to F-Off, was someone I knew?

I thought I would share my answer here since multiple people want to understand my reasoning for taking the abuse but not returning the hatred.

“Stacey, No I’ve never even met her.  I also have not met many of the individuals who are coming after me online.  In fact, the women who are claiming I sexually abused them, I’ve never even been in the same room or let alone the same State with them.

With that said, I also had never met most of  the citizens of this great nation when I decided to serve our country.

You see, it’s these core values that we are taught in the military. These are the people, even the ones that spew hatred and anger, that we are willing to risk our own lives so they can live theirs.  

Service to our country and our fellow man doesn’t end because we are no longer wear the uniform. It’s a life long commitment.
Semper Fi means “ALWAYS faithful”.   That’s something that no one can take from us. Once a Marine always a Marine.

We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.  

Sexual abuse is a constant fight that these people cannot fight alone.  They need the strength and courage to overcome the fear to speak out because they have been hurt and silenced by those that are not only sexual predators but especially by the liars themselves.

I know it’s not me they are internally hurt by or angry towards.  I just know that I am now at a place in my life where I can endure their anger and help return it with love and kindness.

The exact same group who has been at me for two years have now set their sights on another cast member from the show.  It’s an obvious pattern.  It shines a bright light on who they are and trust me when I say they will continue to do it until the conventions and people at the top do something to protect their fellow artists & guests.  The sad part is the only reason these people are not removed is because they pay thousands of dollars at every convention.  Sadly these people care more about the money than protecting their colleagues & “SPNfamily?”

Let these individuals focus on me and flush out their hurt & anger.  It’s just words.

What did we learn as children?  #sticksandstones …

I know the truth.  My family friends, cast & champions know the truth.  I’ve accepted that people need to hate something so they can hate on me.

I will be okay 👌“.