The Weinstein Situation

I wrote this article because I support the women, men & children with whom all have been affected and abused by sexual misconduct.

I also speak out against those that make false claims and are the core reasons why so many stay silent and never feel that their voice will be heard.

Recently, a dear friend of mine came into contact with Mr. Weinstein. The experience had promise of a life altering experience for her in business. My advice, prior to all this public information coming forward, be cautious, stand on your own two feet and see for yourself if this man is true to his word? The experience turned out to be an unpleasant one for her, but it was essentially the promise of something, if she gave something.

She kindly denied and the situation was over.

What people in power fail to understand is the utter heartbreak and crushing disappointment that someone only wanted you as an object.

We all have hope of a mentor or someone coming into our lives and guiding us to that next stage of success. Never should that come with an expectation of something that makes you uncomfortable. It should be given because you wish to send the elevator back down that was sent for you.

Three very important factors in all of this:

1. Sexual abuse, misconduct & harassment IS NOT gender specific. Please do not be sexist or racist calling this a “white male” issue when it is about money & power

2. It’s very important that people who make up lies for attention, money and minor fame should be held just as accountable as the sexual predators themselves

3. Lastly, the pain this causes everyone involved is massive. Friends, family, co-workers and ALL humanity, suffer.

You no longer can touch people and do things to people who ultimately do not want to be touched or preyed upon

In the situation of Mr. Weinstein, he worked in a business of very sensitive and fragile artists. Most of us have been molested or abused in some way shape or form. It’s through our art that we heal. We come into this industry as open spirited beings, who risk everything to understand the human experience. We are all highly vulnerable to people of power taking advantage of us. When it happens, we lock up and do not know how to get out of a situation when we are in one.

We trust these people because we feel they are part of our community and know how sensitive and open we are as artists.

I myself have been through this similar situation more than a few times in my career. My first encounter was not a male, although that would come later, it was a powerful female agent, who owned her own agency and represented me early on in my career. When I was at a low point in my life, she offered me a place to stay. When I woke up she was in the bedroom I was sleeping in and in my bed. Without going into detail, when I opened my eyes she was doing what she wanted to me. Now the common reaction from males would be how lucky I was, but I wasn’t. I was not attracted in any way shape or form to this woman. I never gave her a reason to think I would be okay with her coming on to me sexually. I not only thought she was a friend, but she was my representation, my agent. I was frozen and really did not know what to do. When I finally had the courage to speak up, I was dropped by her agency. I came to find out later that this was and still is a pattern of hers. She has done it to several people I know and she had done it previously to a friend of mine when he was passed out drunk, which she bragged about when he got famous.

I’m fortunate enough to be a Marine and ultimately know how to defend myself physically but emotionally and mentally it has forever crushed my spirit.

This does not mean that I should only care about myself. People need a voice and need their fellow artist to speak up for them when they cannot. It’s the responsibility of those who have the power to stand up and do what is right.

Power, fame and money is a privilege and should be treated with respect. It should never be to proposition someone or make false promises so you can satisfy your urges and desires.

There are very ill predators in the world.

The bigger conversation is 20.6 million, women, children and men are sold into sex trafficking every years!

2% actually escape or live.

We have a serious issue here in the US and around the world. It needs to have a light shined on it. And it needs to focus on the fact that it’s not gender specific.

These very ill humans beings know how to break down their victims and get them vulnerable to satisfy they sexual wants and needs. If they don’t rape or molest their victims, they use their power to destroy them and or kill them.

I’ve counseled and listened to so many kids from both Children of the Night to men and women from Window Between Worlds whose lives have been forever changed and destroyed by human beings who use their power to abuse the soul.

It’s not just white men, just look at all the female teachers who have been caught with their underage students. We laugh and joke about it because we pretend this wouldn’t have affected us as children because we are males. I can tell you it does, and the experiences that occurred to me as a 4 year old child, then again at 11 years of age, has crippled my life in so many ways. They only way I know how to heal is through love and helping others, especially children. It’s why I take the time away from the entertainment industry to teach. It’s why I love animals and pets with all my heart and soul.

We must look at situations from all angles. This does not just happen to women. It doesn’t just happen to children. It happens to all of us.

It’s about time it finally got out there and now Mr. Weinstein can stop hiding behind his power, money and lawyers. Now he can seek help and get to the root of where he lost his way.

My hope is that this also shines a light on those that make up these stories as they are just as damaging to those that are the real victims. If caught, they should be prosecuted just as hard as those that prey on people who are in a position to be preyed on. They are the reason no one believes these stories and why so many stay silent so long. We know who these people are because they use their voice to gain attention, minor fame or money.

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse know how difficult it is to come out and speak to the world. We don’t seek money or attention. It’s exactly the opposite. When I see an individual who has experienced such trauma, you can see it. You can feel it because they are the most silent in the room.

These ill people, that make up stories of harassment, insurance fraud, etc. hurt the real victims that really need the help. They need to seek help and heal their life, just the same as Mr. Weinstein.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed the worst in humanity but I’ve also seen the best in us. I applaud these women and men who are now coming out to shed a very bright light on this subject. Let’s seek to help one another, rather than destroy. We are in this planet for a short period of time. We can choose to love or hate. It’s a choice.


I have only met Mr. Weinstein twice in my life. First time was when I attended the Bad Santa premier. He signed my premiere ticket and asked me why I wanted his signature.

The second time was When sat behind me at a dinner in Sundance. I do not know the man nor have I personally seen him do anything to anyone inappropriate. I’ve heard the stories from multiple sources but it’s what I have heard. The story above I heard directly from someone Mr. Weinstein hurt, so today, I decided to give that person a voice. This individual would not publicly speak up or say anything because of fear they’d get hurt. They no longer need to be afraid. None of us do.